Master’s thesis

Master’s thesis: writing, design

Master’s thesis – the logical completion of studies in the master’s program. Her successful defense is the confirmation that the student has mastered the necessary competencies. It sets out the results of research work prepared for public defense.

How to get a dissertation? Federal documents in the field of education, local, developed in a particular institution of higher education, provide for the basic requirements that are mandatory.

The structure of the master’s thesis

The work consists of:

  • introduction;
  • theoretical part;
  • practical part;
  • conclusions;
  • list of sources used;
  • applications.


There are no unified requirements for it, but it necessarily includes: relevance, object, subject, goal, research hypothesis, tasks. During the experiment, the basis of the study is indicated. The degree of development and the provisions to be defended are analyzed. It is necessary to justify scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance. The methodological base is considered. The content of the study should fully disclose the stated topic.

Text, style
The text is copyright, its originality is checked using the anti-plagiarism program. As a rule, uniqueness is not less than 70 percent.

The presentation style is scientific, competent, consistent, structured. You show collaboration with the supervisor and support a particular school. In the framework of research at this level, the formation and opening of its own scientific school is not provided.

Important. The results of the study should be tested. Mandatory publication of articles that reflect the work of a graduate student on the topic of the study.

List of sources used and the scope of the dissertation

The list of sources used contains at least 50 items. However, the final number of sources and the volume of the dissertation depend on the traditions and local documents of the higher educational institution.

We emphasize that the list of sources used is drawn up in accordance with bibliographic GOSTs.

How to draw up a dissertation is discussed in detail in the scientific and methodological literature.

Abstract to the dissertation

This is a visiting card of the dissertation, an accompanying document. It is on it that the members of the commission make up the idea of ​​the work that was done by the undergraduate on the topic of the study.

As you can see, the master’s thesis is a creative and responsible work. Each word, period, must be in place and emphasize the competence of the undergraduate. Its writing and design is painstaking, meticulous work.