How to avoid problems when ordering a thesis?

A serious choice: write a thesis yourself or seek help from specialists?

At the final stage of training in a higher educational institution or college, a student will have to write his main work, thesis. This is a serious work, requiring a lot of time for writing, searching for material for research.

Nowadays, writing a thesis on your own is quite difficult, because the requirements of universities are becoming more complicated, you need to write a unique work that will go through the most difficult anti-plagiarism (anti-plagiarism. University, Etxt antiplagiat, Advego plagiatus). At this stage, students are faced with a serious choice: write a work on their own or order WRC on the Internet.

Writing a thesis on order is a serious risk, and yet, a frequently requested request on the Internet among students. Graduation work may not be done for two reasons:

You just do not get a thesis, because fall for scammers.
The work will simply be downloaded from the Internet, therefore, the thesis will be of poor quality.
How not to fall for scammers when ordering a thesis?

Our company has been working for a long time in the field of writing student work, in connection with this, a large number of students who have contacted fraudsters turn to us. Therefore, based on our own experience, we want to share with you some tips that will help you get a quality job and not fall for the fraud when ordering a thesis.

  1. If you decide to contact the website of the graduation projects or the company, the main thing is to contact in advance, for 2-4 months. By this, you insure yourself and the contractor. We are all human, and no one canceled force majeure. During this time, the author will write a high-quality thesis, even better if you write in chapters. In this case, the supervisor will not suspect that someone is writing the work for you. Indeed, each time coming with one chapter to consultations is much more truthful than coming once with a finished thesis. And of course, if you are still deceived by the company, there is still time to reorder another artist or write yourself.
  2. When ordering theses on the Internet, find the maximum information about the company, the person. Read the reviews. To do this, just enter the phone number, email address, website name, bank card number or e-wallets into the search bar where you intend to transfer money. There are a large number of black lists of fraud authors where it is possible to find information of interest.
  3. When placing an order, provide all the recommendations, a plan, a list of references, and the wishes of the teacher. It often happens that the work is almost written and suddenly new requirements come up, this can adversely affect. By the way, if the so-called “author” does not ask for requirements, does not ask clarifying questions on work, on time, then it’s worth considering: did you go there !?
  4. It is worth paying attention to the response time to your application, serious companies value the client and contact the client promptly.
  5. Do not consider fraud when prepayment is required. If you are required to pay 100% immediately, then of course, do not contact the false executor. Usually, 30-50% is required. An abstract organization should also protect itself from dishonest customers and not waste its time and energy.